Our Founder

Getting to know Dusadee

Ms. Dusadee Nawawongparnna, is a pastry chef by training. Having worked internationally in Canada and Singapore, her experience includes roles with leading hotel brands. Her ambition is to build an iconic hotel where all guests will bring home fond memories during their stay, and become one of Thailand’s top beach resorts, by offering her unique version of a Thai Modern – Luxury Resort, and bespoke service delivered by our team of Spotlighters.

However, her story with hospitality began with hate. As a child, Dusadee’s mother and grandmother always kept her around the kitchen. Her father was then in a catering business which added to the need for spending more time in the kitchen. She remembers grousing in between pots and pans, at the stifling heat from the multiple fire stoves, and the odd smells coming from the different spices being utilized. But, as the days turned into years, she slowly grew to accept her lot, and realized that the kitchen was not just a bustle of people, but of people who showered her with love through the carefully prepared home cooked meals.

When Dusadee graduated from university, she did not plan to become a business owner or a chef. She embarked on a new journey to Vancouver, Canada to find her passion and figure out wanted to do with the rest of her life. She started with Organization Behavioural classes and somehow ended up with undergoing training in Pastry and Coffee. During this time, she realized that an office job was not for her, and that she was energized when working in the kitchen. She returned to Asia and continued her pastry studies in Singapore. She then trained as a pastry chef at the prestigious Ritz Carlton and W Hotel groups.

At the Ritz Carlton, she was inculcated to provide extraordinary service to all guests. “Its was very hard work but always done with passion”, she said. At the chic W Hotel, she spent time crafting and developing pastries, including her signature “Rum Baba” which featured on the Sunday Brunch.

Besides pastry, Dusadee enjoys traveling. During one of her trips back to Thailand, she chanced upon the resort that became her first foray into the world of hospitality – the Chinoiserie Colllection Resort & Spa, located in the southern most tip of Phuket, in Nai Harn.

Within the first year of operation, it has already developed a strong following as one of the unique 5 star resorts in Phuket.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, Dusadee made the gut-wrenching decision to shut down the Chinoiserie Collection Resort and Spa.  At the same time, she also decided that she would take what she had learned from her experience at the Chinoiserie Collection Resort & Spa to set-up another resort dedicated to high levels of customer service and still retain the colorful vibe of the Chinoiserie brand.

Dusadee found an ideal location close to the major attractions of Phuket.  This would become the foundation of the Jantra Residence. She felt that the palatial architecture had a lot of potential and room for her to grow not only in hospitality but also in wellness and food. 

By injecting a shot of youthfulness and focusing on delivering personalized service, she seeks to create her hospitality masterpiece – the Jantra Residence by Chinoiserie Collection.

Dusadee hopes that you will find her passion for hospitality and service to be the hallmarks of your experience with the Jantra Residence by Chinocollection… and with it, honour the memory of her family who taught her how to love the kitchen.